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Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery refers to the broad spectrum of both arteries and veins and focuses on improving circulation to vital organs and extremities.

One common condition, Athersclerosis or hardening of the arteries, causes the arteries to narrow and even block, which in turn causes a lack of circulation to the effected organs. This condition may lead to severe health risks including stroke, kidney failure, trouble walking, or even gangrene of a limb.

Adversely, aneurysms can cause the arteries to enlarge rather than narrow. This causes them to become vulnerable to rupture and can be a life-threatening condition.

No matter the condition, each patient will receive a thorough discussion of their case along with a full examination. This process typically offers the surgeon guidance as to the root of the problem and helps them plan a course of treatment.

With vascular disease, early recognition is extremely beneficial and greatly increases the effectiveness of the treatment plan.